A few of our Capernaum friends enjoying free time during their summer camp trip to Southwind!

Capernaum is Young Life's ministry for teens and young adults with special needs. 

We believe that kids who need assistance can and should participate fully in activities that build self-esteem, challenge their limits and help them discover their ability to do new things.  We also believe that all adolescents deserve the opportunity to explore a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Capernaum Club 

We call Capernaum Club the Best Hour of the Month!  Kids hang out, play games, sing songs and hear a short message about Jesus and His great love for them.  Club meets once a month on Thursday nights from 6:30pm-8:00pm at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church, 1225 Piper Blvd. (located on the north side of Immokalee Road across from Sam's Club).

Capernaum also meets for Movie Night once a month on Thursday nights at 6:30pm at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church. Parents are welcome to attend Club and Movie Night, or join our Parent's Group. 


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